About Us


Food-truck entrepreneurs in Dallas are banned from public property with the exception of the Central Business District. Even on private property, the city requires the written permission of the property owner and an itinerary. These regulations make it hard to operate.

The DFW Food Truck Association, a group of more than 20 food truck owners, wants to bring its delicious, gourmet food to everyone in the city. The association seeks to change the city’s regulations to allow the roaming of food trucks on public and private property.

The evidence supporting food trucks is quite clear: food trucks make cities more vibrant, they draw more people onto the streets which benefits traditional restaurants and they are the best low-cost model for entrepreneurs to test their ideas and eventually expand.

Let’s make big things happen in Dallas together! Please contact me if you’d like to join the association.

Ricky Minter
President, DFW Food Truck Association
Rockn’ Rick’s
Cell: 214-454-7405